Eleven years ago Ben Wood and Al Allaway started off with a small office and a dream. They had decided to forge a company and a foundation, a playground for creative marketers looking to use alternative inspiration to benefit their clients. From this dream, and a fair share of determination, CAB Studios was born - their mission was to drive growth. 

Since then CAB has grown exponentially, hiring a kaleidoscopic array of specialists, who not only provide solutions but original thought for growth and engagement. Each marketer, no matter their specialism, brings their own personality into the mix, creating a unique dynamic.

What CAB understands is that a job description does not define a person but rather, through realisation of their own purpose, a person describes their job description. CAB is no longer a company but has grown into an institution. CAB is a tribe.

This is where Underhood comes in. The CAB philosophy is in making knowledge open source. This concept, of idea sharing, is where Underhood is born - delving deep within the world of marketing and branding to share thoughts on best practice, industry secrets, and the future of things to come.

The way to think of Underhood is as a companion. It is a place where knowledge can be united in order to create a better industry for us all. Underhood is driven by our passion to excite minds and, as a result of which, this is a blog on which you will find our thoughts. We aim to share thoughts, comments, guidance, and intrigue about industry trends. We are excited by developments, technology, and our own individual channels (as well as many others!). We are enthusiastic about what we do and we want to share our enthusiasm with the world.

In order to do this we have split Underhood into four distinct sections:

  • Engine, views and discussions on specific channels and multi-channel marketing.
  • Brain, views and conversations from a left brain right brain perspective.
  • Drive, for industry news and topics.
  • One.Min for short blogs that can be digested in 60 seconds.

Here, on Underhood, we encourage debate. We welcome comments, social sharing, and any questions that you may have. We also welcome guest posts, so feel free to send us articles.