The Cloud is an interesting place.

The Cloud is a wonderful thing. The opportunity to bounce information from server to server all around the globe makes information readily available to those who need it, yet keeps it secure from those who are more inclined to cause harm. The Cloud is not a new concept, yet how it will evolve in order to accommodate the Internet of Things is fascinating and new.

The company Postscapes have been tracking the IoT for a while now. They post relevant updates and information about the Internet of Things in order to seek and develop the best uses of the software. Some of the things they have been tracking are fantastic and I would recommend following them to anyone interested in technological development.

One of the many things they are looking at is prototyping new software and hardware to see how it works in the Internet of Things. Much like Weave and Brillo the Cloud offers a digital ecosystem in order to link all of the devices in the IoT together in a secure way. This is the fundamental way that the Cloud will be used in the Internet of Things.

First let us look at how Cloud storage works.

Cloud storage works in a very similar way to website hosting. Where the internet is not in a physical location but rather many, the Cloud stores data not in one place but many. It bounces information between different servers all over the globe. Information is never in one place, making it relatively secure. 

Within the Cloud different networks exist, making it even more secure. These networks govern certain interactions in order to maintain a level of computer efficiency over all the items in the Internet of Things.

So what does this mean for the Internet of Things? The answer is simple. The Cloud will expand. What will this look like? Well...nothing really, just more servers.

This being said, security will need to be looked into. Recently there have been numerous high profile hacking efforts into the Cloud. The Cloud has been compromised in the past. Every day Firewalls for Cloud security are getting better. This has also led to new trends in privacy and encryption as efforts to make the Cloud more secure are becoming more and more prevalent. To read my article on security in the Cloud please click here.

Using the Cloud is a fantastic way of storing information about the Internet of Things. There are some really cool companies who do this and link things together. They can bond certain items together and use other items as data storage. They exist to make the Internet of Things bigger and better. This will eventually evolve into something incredibly exciting - the Internet of Everything.

The Internet of Everything will be a huge mark in the history of the Internet of Things. It is also no more a concept as it is a point in time. The Internet of Everything will be when almost every electronic item will have the capacity to be connected to the internet. We have the capacity now for certain things - televisions, lights, even fridges - but soon showers, toasters, and similar appliances will be connected to the Cloud.

As the IoT grows as will the Cloud, and this is incredibly exciting. The digital world is growing at a phenomenal rate, and we have the pleasure of watching it do so.

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