What makes a great ecommerce experience?

Creating a great ecommerce store can be a difficult thing to do. It needs to work well with the website it is with. It needs to attract customers as well as make sure they actually purchase something. 

Customer usability needs to be considered above all things when developing a great ecommerce site. This usability comes in many different forms. It can be with a well thought through menu system or product categories. It can be recommendations or personalised emails. Each has its own benefits and each enhances the customer experience in some way.

Proper Product Filtering Systems

One of the greatest innovations in online shopping was, and always shall be, the option to tag products. Not only does this help SEO to some extent but, more importantly, it allows for products to be categorised. Being able to categorise products improved the online experience no end. Most online stores have this option now and it is a great and timeless concept. The customer may know precisely what they want. They may not. Either way proper product filtering helps them find what it is they are looking for.

Categorising products allows for browsing in the online store. It allows for the perusing of products as well as the ability to dive straight in and purchase something right away.

Upselling and Remarketing

Although it may not seem it, quite often the customer actually wants to be upsold to. It is often a great experience for the shopper to see what others bought, what products are similar, and even if something they have been looking at in the past is worth the money to create a synergy between products. This latter one is the basic premise of remarketing.

Simple (but effective) Carts

The payment system in any ecommerce platform needs to be simple. It needs to allow for customers to hand over their details and receive their product as easily as they would in store.

Carts can be an incredibly difficult thing to get right. They can be overly complex or too many options available. These are far too common, and customers give up before they have finished their purchase. The trick is to make it as simple as possible. Have them put in their address, card details, and confirm the order. 90% of the time that is all that is needed.

Personalised Emails

Okay, so this one is not a direct feature of the ecommerce website itself but rather supporting material. It is substantiation of the sales process, helping solidify it in the customers mind that they are making the right choice.

An email tailored to the customer's own individual buying patterns is usually most welcome. It allows for the store to remind them of their potential purchases if they did leave the store before paying. It allows for recommendations and suggestions based on their buying preferences. Sending emails also allows for exclusive offers, vouchers, and codes based on recent purchases. It is a phenomenal sales tool.

Using the above can ensure for a great experience for the customer and a happy customer is a customer who is more likely to return in the long run. 

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