What is the Internet of Everything?

Over the past few months we have written several times about the Internet of Things (or commonly known as IoT). It is a brand new technological experience. It is growing a reputation as the Industrial Revolution v2.0. It is new, exciting, and will create a world of connectivity the likes of which we have never seen.

The Internet of Things is a phrase that is being battered around a lot by digital marketers. The concept opens so many doors in marketing (as well as numerous other sectors), however, there is one misconception that needs to be made clear. This is the distinction between the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything.

The Internet of Everything

It is easy to forgive someone for thinking that the Internet of Everything is the natural predecessor of the Internet of Things. This idea of evolution is one built into us as human beings. What isn't often understood is there is a distinct difference.

So what is the difference between the two?

First off, the Internet of Things comprises of physical objects and processes that do not usually communicate digital data to one another. These may be examples of a fridge and a thermostat working in sync. It may be as simple as an alarm clock and a coffee machine.

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The Internet of Everything, on the other hand, is the concept of things that transmit data becoming unified under one network.

In a way, what this means, is that the Internet of Everything is the natural evolution of the IoT. This is only by default of everyday items becoming able to transmit information between themselves. Aside from that they are different notions.

It is important to note how the Internet of Everything and the Internet of Things are not mutually exclusive ideas, but rather there will be a cross over between the two.


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