Google is constantly changing, and it is really exciting.

Google is always doing interesting things, but now they may have taken the ultimate step as Google Search evolves beyond human comprehension.

It appears that Google Search may be evolving into something more, making way for a new form of Search and Search Marketing beyond what we have known in the past. Google is now taking part in an activity called deep learning.

What is deep learning? Well, deep learning is adding a new aspect to SEO on Google. It is a program that allows Google to read websites and react based on the quality of the site in regards to the searcher’s history (and plenty of other factors).

What this means is that Google is developing a view of the world based upon the physical content on a website and how usable it is to what Google perceives is the end goal of a specific user. This, it could be argued, is a very human position - judging content on its usability for the reader as opposed to how many boxes it ticks on an SEO checklist.

To use an example - before deep learning you may consider a holiday in Haiti and search the web for information about the Caribbean state. Curious, you may search what the weather is like in Haiti. Google would show you a meterologist site, assuming that is what you wanted. Technically it was what you asked for but does it present the information in a way useful for your purpose? What you want to know is whether it is hot in August and whether August is a good time to visit if you want sunshine. You don't need to know the average annual rainfall or that in June 1998 it was the hottest summer in Haiti since records began (for example).

With the inclusion of deep learning Google will see that you have searched for sites about Haiti and are curious about the weather there. Because of that purpose, Google may make the assumption that you are planning to go on holiday, so rather that positioning a meteorologist's site at the top of the SERP it may place a travel blog there instead.

What this means is that Google is starting to favour pages that further a user's mission and not just pages that answer their query. Deep learning allows for the next evolution in Google's algorithm, AI, and the next step in Search Marketing as a whole. These are exciting times, placing quality of content above all else. 

Search is becoming more and more personable, and personability is something that cannot be forged. This takes old-school methods of black hat SEO and throws them out of the window. Now they will not fool Google, not for a second.

In terms of white hat SEO the methods will still be the same. What is good now will still be good, however, they will not be the only ranking factors and it is important to recognise that.

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