The idea of the Facebook dislike button seems to have disintegrated, but why?

Digital communication in today's world is changing; visual language is growing as people are becoming much more expressive through the simple use of an emoji. What was once thought to be a language used only by teens, emojis are now becoming mainstream; the use of them grew by 300% from 2014 to 2015, and it now seems like Facebook is getting involved.
Chris Cox, the Chief Product Officer at Facebook, recently revealed that you may soon be able to do more than just ‘like’ a Facebook post. The new feature is being trialled in Ireland and Spain and if positive, may be available across the entire world.

So where has the idea of the dislike button gone?

Instead of a simple like or dislike button, Facebook are experimenting with the ability to express many more emotions, from love, to wow, to anger, yet I’m not sure this satisfies what users want. This may open up a whole new can of worms as Facebook are suggesting that the emotions users may feel towards a post must be classified as one of seven emoji’s. What about those posts you just don’t like? You could argue it offers simplicity in an age where no-one has any time, and provides users with a more flexible approach to expressing their emotion about a post, but is this just a gimmick that users will soon get bored of, when there are so many more emojis available in the universal emoji keyboard?

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Either way it’s definitely causing a reaction on Facebook, with the post having received over 5,000 shares and over 900,000 views of the video in the first 24 hours. Over 13,000 people have also liked the post, including Mr Zuckerberg himself (of course), although we wonder if more people would have ‘yay’ed or ‘wow’ed the post if they could?
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