Twitter is rolling out a new feature to the UK. Now we will have Collections.

Twitter are doing some amazing things. Last year, to a limited audience, they tried adding a "buy" button to the bottom of some of their promoted posts. After that saw success they have decided to launch a new initiative. That new initiative is Twitter Collections.

What is Twitter Collections?

Twitter collections is a new form of listings for Twitter effectively turning it into an ecommerce site. From within Collections, Twitter users will be able interact with companies and their products directly from their feed, directing them to the purchase page on the company website ensuring that it is easier for customers to buy items online.

So far criticism for the function has been limited, mainly focusing on the idea that putting a sales pitch into 140 characters is incredibly difficult. Once in Collections however it is easy to describe a product as it allows for more than 140 characters in a description. Through this the company can explore their product as they want.

Twitter Collections has now gone live in the UK with Barbour being the first UK company to set up a shop window on Twitter Collections, using the Social Media site to act as a direct sales converter for their own on-site purchase page.

The news aside, Twitter Collections is an incredibly exciting development for all within the ecommerce industry. Before Social Media has only worked as a way of referring clients to ecommerce sites, however, now it can be used to sell the actual product itself. This will not work for all products, far from it, however for some commodities it will. 

As Barbour sell a Landrover clothing range through Social Media it will be fascinating to see the result, whatever that may be. Their synergy between sport, Social Media, and clothing will be interesting to observe. 

For the user Social Media now turns into a browsing experience, no longer like hanging out in a social club, but rather like hanging out in a shopping centre. 

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