Google Now now offers a spectacular new comparison service.

Google is offering a new service in the form of Google Now’s hotel price comparison booking notifications.

Google Now is a little known tool in the UK. It is a free tool, unlocking the potential of new information as and when it is happening. It intertwines breaking news with usability, personalising updates to each and every preference. This makes it remarkably useful.

Recently Google Now has been trying a new feature wherein they are allowing customers a price comparison service based on hotels. How this works is Google takes how much you paid for a room and tracks it. It will then update you as and when the same hotel offers rooms cheaper on other sites. It is a fantastic way for the customer to save money as they are effectively given the option whether or not they which to rebook to take advantage of a lower price.

The way this is possible through Google Now is because Google scans emails in order to find the relevant information. It can then interact with those emails to search for better prices. This does bring to light issues that may effect security in The Internet of Things, however, as it remains within Google's network it is not a huge worry.

What does this mean for hotels?

What this means is a new level of transparency for hotels, allowing for them to be upfront with their public in a bid that they do not want to get cheaper prices elsewhere after booking a room. It also means that hotels can expect to have a fair number of cancellations in the UK once the app becomes widely available due to people cancelling and rebooking rooms.

Google Now may force the hands of hotels, forcing them to reconsider their pricing strategy if more and more people cancel in order to gain cheaper prices elsewhere. Hotels may want to think about their pricing structures and how they can make them more attractive.

Google Now offers an interesting situation where hotels become their own competitor. They run the risk of losing a customer to lower prices – prices they themselves set. This is a confusing notion but one which is worth hotels thinking about.

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