Video content is a unique referrer.

1.8 million words. Apparently, according to Dr James McQuivery of Forrester Research, the average one minute viral video is worth 1.8 million words. It is exciting, is it not?

Video marketing is taking over the internet. Every single sector is taking to the small screen, creating content left, right, and centre. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Vimeo are alight with marketing potential as more and more companies take to them with videos aplenty. From sites such as Blendtec to GoPro, businesses are coming up with more and more innovative ideas to promote their products through video sites.

The very simple truth is that video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. On one side of the coin it is always good to tell a customer about a product (especially in the B2C world), however, it is something completely different when a customer can see the product with their own eyes. This is where video comes in.

Online video offers an opportunity for any company looking to show their products to a wider audience. One of the companies linked above, GoPro, benefitted astronomically from the use of videos to promote their cameras. Not only could they show what the cameras were like, but they also showed the full functionality of each camera through using footage filmed from the camera’s perspective. This was a fantastic innovation for them, and their product sales rocketed. The reason behind this is because online visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after they have watched a video.

Of course, it goes without saying, the success of each individual video varies drastically depending on the content. Companies need to scope the market in order to figure out what will work for them and what won’t. Copying someone doing the exact same thing will not cut it in the modern digital world, however, just because they found their path to success does not mean you will not find yours.

Great video content revolves around two things, and neither are the product a company is trying to sell. Instead, they rely on a positive outlook and an innovative mind. Take this video by TeamSport as an example.

TeamSport are one of the UK’s leading go karting companies, and the above video shows an innovative use of their karts in relation to current events (Wimbledon). This is especially apt in the leisure industry. The video did increased their reach, views, and overall engagement across their Social Media channels.

The point is that TeamSport used what they had to create something original and sharable. Any company can do the same.

Although big pieces that cost a lot of money can be hugely beneficial in the marketing world, one of the great things about the internet as it stands is how easy it is for small value productions to make it big as well. It doesn’t matter if a video has a crew of two or twenty, if it costs £10 or £10,000 there will be an audience out there for it. There will be an audience who find it interesting – this is all so long as it is original and relevant to those you want to target.

What this means is that companies can start off small. They need not create something huge right away (although if they have the time and budget then: why not?) and can instead build a viewer base for their product. This is incredibly beneficial as video marketing, at the lower end of the scale, can be high in return on investment but low on cost.

One of the beautiful things about video content is that a company can literally shoot anything that is relevant. There are ways of creating adverts and heavy selling videos designed to create conversions, but quite often an interesting interview or exploratory video could generate the same amount of interest. Creatively it is open to the air.

Video content is a fantastic tool, and an incredibly powerful referrer. To find out more please feel free to click on the button below.

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