Google Trends is reporting a huge spike in searches for the term "staycation" following the UK heatwave.


The above graph shows the popularity of the term "staycation" in the UK over the past six years. As it can be seen it rocketed recently.

The UK heatwave this summer has paved the way for an increase in faith in the British weather, leaving more and more people thinking about ditching the Bahamas for Blackpool, the Dominican Republic for Dorset, and Honduras for the Home Counties. There has been an increase in search volume for places all over the country with Bournemouth, Blackpool, and Brighton topping the table for the most searched for staycations in the UK.

More exciting than the prospects of holidays in the UK becoming viable once again due to good weather are the opportunities this spike opens up in the hotel and leisure markets.

Staycations open up a whole new area of marketing for the hotel industry. What it means is that hotels, motels, campsites, and B&Bs can afford to put more money into the marketing of their rooms for residents in the UK. They can afford to put more money into the marketing of getaway weekends, spa breaks, golfing holidays, and similar such events with more and more customer being from within the United Kingdom. 

This is the case across the spectrum of places to stay. Where a family hotel in the city centre of Blackpool may advertise cheap rooms for those wanting to visit the Pleasure Beach, luxury spas in the Dorset countryside may want to put more money into attracting those who just want to get away for some TLC and fine dining. It doesn't matter if people want a motel for a singular night, or a caravan and campsite for a week in the wilderness. All of the hotel and leisure industry can benefit from this boom.

The opportunities are huge for hotels who want to put the time in. Whether it is through an email offer, increased content activity, or even social campaigns. Assuming hotels can reach their audience they can benefit from the heatwave.

Of course, it is not just hotels who can benefit but the leisure industry in general. With more and more people staying in the UK this leaves way for activities such as going go-karting, to cinemas, or bowling to become ever more popular over the next few weeks. Campsites are also set to reap the benefits as more take to the country for a weekend away. In short, any company in the UK leisure industry can benefit from the fine (if not a little bit unpredictable) weather.

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