Internal branding can save a sinking business.

Internal branding is vital to any business. There are so many businesses out there that rely on external branding, or no branding whatsoever, having no regard to the internal culture of their business. This leads to employees with little loyalty to the business. It leads to a high turnover rate of employees. It leads to reduced productivity and employee happiness. Internal branding can help with all of these. 

Cinemas are no different. Internal branding is needed in any work environment and is needed in order to ensure that happy employees are making the most out of their potential productivity. 

There was a period in time when projectionists were highly trained individuals who made entire careers out of being the operator behind the screen. Now, as more and more films are provided on digital mediums, fewer trained cinema staff are needed, and this decreased the staff retention rate across the industry.

Staff need to feel valued in order to stay with a job. They need to feel like what they are doing is worthwhile. What this requires is a series of perks, a decent pay level, but most importantly it requires a working environment employees can be proud of and treat as their own. 

Internal brands require three things in order to work well.

  1. A clear identity - internal brands need to have their own defined way of acting that is separate to the outside brand the rest of the world sees.
  2. A clear direction - everyone needs to be on the same track. They need to understand that they are one team, and not all competing against each other.
  3. A clear set of values - the internal brand needs to be recognisable for everyone within the company. One team. One mission.

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