Creating an amazing in-house customer experience is easier than you would think.

Recently the Australian cinema chain Hoyts went through a rebranding. They wanted to improve their customer experience inhouse. They managed to split their customer journey into four simple requests from the customer perspective:


These may seem like four very simple requests, yet it is amazing how many cinemas get it wrong. The full Hoyts case study can be read here.

The four values recognised by Hoyts are the four basic premises of any customer journey. Whether it is to see a film or whether it is to buy something at a supermarket, the premise is the same. Customers want to be understood. They want to be valued and cared for. Ultimately customers want to be delighted. It's that simple.

Where confusion arises is when profiteering gets involved. Customer service begins that decline when the need or desire for larger profit margins takes over. There is an unfortunate trend when this happens, the customer service goes out of the window and a new method of thought involving monetary worship takes over.

Creating a great customer experience is about those four concepts, but it can be simplified even further for cinemas. Rather than those four experiences there is a simple concept of always putting the customer first. They are paying for a service at the end of the day, and if they do not get a service that adheres to what they want then they will go elsewhere. The service that cinemas provide is niche, but it is not unique to any particular chain. 

The truth of the matter is very simple - either put the customer first or they will go elsewhere.

Creating fantastic, memorable customer experiences is easier than it may sound. Each and every customer is ultimately after one thing. Each customer wants to have a great time watching a movie of their choice, and this is something easily achievable. Ultimately cinemas do not get much of a say as to the quality of the films that come out, but instead they can provide a fantastic experience surrounding them in order to complete the customer experience and make something truly memorable.

From food, drink, and the comfort of the seats, to whether there are any other services available such as laser tag or an arcade, everything comes together to make an amazing customer experience. The film is just one part of this when they go to the cinema, the rest is down to the individual establishment as to what they provide and what the quality they offer is in terms of food and drink and what else they offer to make it a trip out as well as taking in a film.

Take care of the customers and the revenue will take care of itself. 

Taking care of the customer appears to be a difficult thing for several establishments to do. It is not about the customer always being right but rather working with the customer in order to ensure that their experience is the best it can possibly be. 

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