People are worried, but what is the real risk?

Security is the paramount concern for users of the Internet of Things (IoT). Companies looking to instigate it are having to search for a solution as to how best to keep data secure if it is connected to so many different devices. Everyone is agreed that security needs to be placed above all things. The problem is agreeing how best to go about it. 

Network Firewalls and protocols are good at maintaining the data travelling through the internet. Each has its benefits and each can protect personal data in its own way. This becomes somewhat more complex when other devices are entered into the mix. How is security meant to be maintained across the Internet of Things when the things are no longer as simple as computers?

Unfortunately, at this stage in the development of the Internet of Things there is no one solution to cover every hole in the internet. It is a web, and holes are bound to get wider sooner or later.

This means the question is not about whether personal data can be leaked. Without meaning to sound blasé to the cause, of course it can. Data can always be leaked or hacked. If the Pentagon can be hacked regularly then so can a toaster. The trick is to minimise the potential for data theft through clever security software designed to adapt.

There is a simple truth with the Internet of Things. That is the truth that it is something new and exciting. Yes, the terminology has been around for years - however, only now is it truly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Only now is it a reality and that the childlike infantine step the Internet of Things is currently in, needs to be nurtured correctly in order to create the best possible end product. What this means is a security system needs to be built from the ground up in order to incorporate the Internet of Things.

Systems like this are already being built, and will act as Firewalls for devices such as fridges, light switches, and toasters. It is a fantastic innovation.

So what does this mean for the Internet of Things? The answer is remarkably simple - that, by the time it is in full swing, the software will exist to ensure that safety is put first above all other things. It will be no different turning on your light switch with your phone than it will be browsing Amazon on a laptop. The infill structure is there, it just needs implementing.

Internet security starts in the operating system, and it will be the same for devices connected to the Internet of Things. From the moment a computer switches on it is protected by the Firewall. The same needs to be the case with the Internet of Things. A device has to be secured through its entire life cycle, from beginning to end. It needs secure booting, access, and Firewall.

The Internet of Things offers more possibilities than just through its implementation. The construction, nurturing and development of the IoT offers all kinds of connected opportunities for companies looking to develop new tools. Internet security is just one of them.

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