Utility companies can do so much more to engage with their customers.

Recently we came across some statistics that the major utility companies spend a phenomenally small amount on their marketing. This is evident across the board. As a company, British Gas are the company who have put most into their marketing, leading the charge in terms of utilities, servicing not only the largest number of households but also having the best marketing campaign by far.

What this opens up is a large collection of ways in which utility companies can help reach out to their customers and potential customers - ways which, in theory, would help cause a stir amongst potential clients.

No matter the industry, engaging with clients is not necessarily a hard thing to do. There are the same set of channels to keep them engaged with a company or concept. These include Email, Content, and Social Media - where the client can feel in charge of the communication, giving them the autonomy that is so often missing from the nature of utility companies.

Customers want to feel wanted, and value feeling valued. This means that all customer interaction should be increased across all channels in order to provide the best customer service. Social Media is not currently being used by many utility companies to the best of their abilities. Instead they all have a Social Media presence but rarely post. This negates the point of having social accounts. 

One area where all electricity companies spent their budget last year is in the production of direct mailer material. This is all well and good, however hardly any spent any decent money on email campaigns. Emails are used by the utility companies to send out statements (along with paper versions) however they do not include news about the company. Nor do they tend to have sign up options for those interested in what the company may be doing. This is a PR disaster as a small amount of emails, not requesting a sale, would be a welcome acceptance for most members of the public. 

If they do not engage better then utility companies will surely start to lose their customers to the companies who are spending money on their marketing.

Utility companies need to broarden their horizons, engage more with their customers across all of their channels in order to remain competitive. 

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