Innovations in contactless payment systems are revolutionising the culinary world.

What is Flypay?

Flypay is a new form of contactless payment system where customers dining at a restaurant can pay using an app on their phones. It allows diners to control their method of payment, what cards they want to use, and even split the bill between a group of friends. Flypay is an innovation, one that is already huge in America and mainland Europe and becoming more and more prevalent in England as we speak.

The philosophy behind the app is simple. They wanted to create a flawless diner experience by cutting down on the potentially delayed interactions between the customer and the waiter. Rather than needing to get the attention of the waiter before pausing for the bill, the diners can simply pay via their phone to avoid any inconvenience. Flypay is available on iOS and in the Google Play store, meaning it has widespread functionality over a variety of devices.


How Can Flypay Benefit Restaurants?

Where it is easy to see how Flypay can benefit customers, the benefit to restaurants may not be as clear. Flypay works in two different ways within the dining establishment. The first is very simple - it improves the customer experience. Happy customers are more likely to return for another meal later on down the line. 

The second way Flypay benefits the restaurant world is twofold. If a customer retrieves their own bill they do not need a waiter to bring it to them. This frees up resources, allowing for the waiting staff to focus on providing great table service to customers still eating. What this also benefits is the turnover of tables, as speeding up the rate at which customers pay speeds up how quickly tables can be freed up for the next set of hungry diners.

Flypay is a fantastic little app, and one that will be integrated into more and more restaurants in the future. It is just one way restaurants can boost their clientelle, increase turnover, and provide great customer experiences. To find out about other methods please click on the button below.

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