Gift vouchers are popular and can benefit the restaurant industry beyond belief.

Gift vouchers are powerful tools for restaurant marketing. When utilised correctly a voucher can drive traffic, increase sales and promote footfall in a restaurant. 

Restaurant marketing can be difficult at times. Restaurants are a constantly changing market, caught up in a vortex of trends and popular opinions. What this means is that they are traditionally relatively unpredictable, however any specific long-term promotion techniques can be marketing gold.

Vouchers are one such technique, with restaurant gift vouchers becoming more and more popular in recent years. Sales of gift vouchers have consistently rocketed to a new height. More people are receiving gift vouchers from loved ones, friends and family than ever before.

Gift Vouchers and Restaurant Marketing

This being said, what does this boom in voucher sales mean to the world of restaurant marketing? From a basic point of view - gift cards and certificates work in two different ways.

  1. They generate capital instantly at point of sale. Right away they are generating income for a meal that has not been prepared yet. When only 40% to 60% of restaurant gift vouchers are redeemed 40% of this (at least) is pure profit.
  2. Gift vouchers give the opportunity to allow for new customers to discover a restaurant. People who would not necessarily think of going to a particular establishment will suddenly think about it purely because they received a gift voucher. Going out and getting clients can be a resource heavy activity. Gift cards do that for a restaurant.

Below is an amazingly exploratitive video by Black Dog Education. In the clip they discuss gift certificates in some detail.

The truth is simple. Gift vouchers are a fantastical force of marketing potential. To find out how to utilise them for your site or restaurant, please click on the button below.

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