Train companies can afford to be more creative.

Recently we found ourselves on the website of a well known train company, on a very short page detailing how stations can advertise their company above all others. The page was informative, however, at the same time it was severely lacking. There were only three suggestions. These were to advertise on automated ticket gates, to create experiential marketing experiences through leaflets, and to put advertising in the toilets.

Naturally enough, these are good ideas, however, they do lack a spot of imagination. There is nothing wrong with them, but there is nothing there designed to give a "wow" moment or experience. Instead they seem traditional ideas, designed to give exposure - but not particularly aimed at exciting the mind of the customer.

At the moment train companies are struggling in the UK. They are losing customers, and part of this can be attributed to the fact that they are seen as dated. Below are ten ideas on how trains can up their game, advertising in new and creative spaces.

1) Train doors - a craze in New York, train doors offer a fantastic chance for trains to create really quirky advertisements for their audience. Remembering the doors will separate allows for all kinds of creative ways to express train deals. Think about concepts like "prices cut in half" across the doors, or bringing two destinations closer together.

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2) Train sides - the sides of trains is an interesting idea. Again, big in America the craze has never really taken off in the UK. Having interesting sides (or interesting trains in general) will create a new kind of experience for the customer. 

3) Benches at stations - yes, benches can be used for advertisements by sticking content on them, however, imagine this: the first class carriage advertised for a train service by having comfortable and luxurious benches placed at stations. It is a fantastic idea, and one which we hope a train company will take up in the future.

4) Staircases - stairs are fantastic real estate. A large percentage of stations have them, and yet they go unutilised at most train stations. Both the top and the side of staircases can be seen as areas to advertise on, creating interesting advertisements for all those involved. The beauty if that even those who do not need to climb the stairs will see the advertisement. 

5) Station doors - station doors often go unused and yet they can be seen as gateways both literally and metaphorically speaking for train advertisements. They are the gateway for a better journey, and a gateway everyone needs to pass through at some point or another.

6) Ticket machines - small reminders of some of the benefits of going with a particular train service over others are perfect for ticket machines. 

7) Station floors - incredibly clever advertisements can be put on the floor of train stations, in much the same way as they have been in shopping malls and stadiums. These offer the chance for customers to see the train company as something fun, something exciting, something inventive. Even if it is something small, station floors are a fantastic way of getting the message across to the right audience.

8) Escalators - we see it on the Tube all the time. There are advertisements lining the sides of the escalators. Although these cannot be utilised everywhere there is no reason why train service providers can't advertise at transport hubs. Think about Kings Cross Station for example, which has two or three tube stations linking to it. 

9) Elevators - elevators present a captive audience, and so both the doors of the elevators and the inside walls are fantastic places to advertise. They are guaranteed to get viewership, and would work in much the same way as train doors.

10) The inside of trains - it is 10x easier keeping a customer than it is making new ones. Advertisements on the inside of trains mean a company can make the most out of their customers, optimising them and ensuring they will return time after time.

The above are a list of new and fresh idea, creative spaces that can be utilised to create something truly unique that will remain in the minds of the customers. To find out how best to utilise these, feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below.

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