This month CAB Studios has been conducting research into the email campaigns of some of the biggest and best hotels in the country.

We have compiled our research to create a unique insight into how the hotel industry can improve their email campaigns. These findings fell into three categories – Unsubscribe Campaigns, Personalised Emails, and Welcoming Campaigns. 

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Reduce your Unsubscribe Rate by 65% With This Simple Option

A welcome campaign can be used to capture information about clients as well as set the tone for the types of email they will be receiving whenever you run a campaign. A lot of companies use welcome campaigns to gather as much information about their client as possible, offering incentives for data.  This proves a successful way of maintaining customers as emails can then be tailored to their preferences.

Without a welcoming campaign it is easy for emails to saturate inboxes to little credible effect. Treat your customer well and they will give you the information you can use to better market to their needs. This leads to better marketing all around.

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Drive a 304% Increase in Engagement With Personalised Emails

Personalising emails is a great way of making a customer feel valued as well as providing the right people with the right information. Campaigns can be targeted by location, by specific product, to a specific gender, age, or by any other dimension.


With 56% of people unsubscribing from campaigns due to feeling like the content is irrelevant, personalised emails is a must for any hotel or chain in order to keep their customers engaged.

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Can your hotel boost revenue by 20% with an unsubscribe campaign?

Unsubscribe campaigns are a fantastic way of giving customers the option to customise the frequency they receive emails and the types of email they receive rather than unsubscribing straight away. Unsubscribe campaigns are all about providing the customer with choices, placing control in their hands to receive what they want when they want.


With the normal unsubscribe rate being around 2% per email, an unsubscribe campaign can drop it down to 0.27%. That is a 540% improvement.

To click here to read our report on email within the leisure industry. For more information on how CAB can help you create amazing email campaigns please visit our main website.