There is a worrying and growing trend of consumer websites making it harder and harder for money to be spent with them.

In many cases, customer experiences are either not fully considered or poorly implemented, leading to woeful cases of consumer websites not performing the way that they should.

This creates a question: How can companies make it easier for customers to spend with them?

  1. Use Simple Language. Perplexing patterns of perpetuating pre-existing problems pertaining prelection per person. The sentence may sound good. It may roll off the tongue with all the alliteration, but what does it mean? It means you need to use simple language in order to ensure that your audience understands you. Simple language means fewer miscommunications, and thus more sales. Simple.

  1. Use Transparent Pricing Tools. A simple pricing structure within a website means being upfront and open, yet it is a way of ensuring customers know what they are getting. This boosts confidence in the company from the consumer perspective. Transparent pricing tools like configurators are the way of the future. Configurators, especially in the home improvement and automotive industries, are great ways of putting people in control of the selling process. We’ll come on to this in a minute.

The below images come from Plan Your Stairs. To read the full case study click here.

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  1. Help Your Customer Make The Right Decision. Marketing is no more just about sales but is also about helping customers make decisions. Think about what is best for the customer and this can lead to stronger leads. Think not only about the product they want but the products they could have as well. Think about products that are alternatives, things that may be better for their given situation. That is how to make loyal customers.

  1. Help The Customer See How The Product Can Fit Into Their Home. Home displays are great things. They allow customers to go in-store and see what a kitchen would look like, however, there is a path making it even easier. This is the path of augmented reality, configuration tools, and visualisers. All of which are great tools to explore a product before buying and put any qualms to bed.

  1. Put the People In Control of the Sales Process. Ultimately, making sales easier comes down to this one point. Forget the hard sell, and instead put the people in control of the sales process. This can empower the customer and thus make a stronger sale. There are numerous ways of doing this both digitally and in-store. Configurators, visualisers, and other such tools are great online. Offline it is all about helping the client. Go in with the mantra to help them, not yourself and the sales will roll in.

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