Email campaigns require strategy, attention to detail and a fair amount of invested time in order to make them successful.


In the customer age, email campaigns are a great way of engaging with key audiences directly and personally; they allow for instant results and feedback that you may not always get with direct mail or other traditional marketing techniques, and enable campaign strategies to change accordingly in order to gain the best results.

Recently CAB Studios undertook a piece of independent research to look at the levels of engagement within the leisure industry with a strong focus placed on welcome emails. In order to conduct this research we signed up to one hundred different mailing lists within the leisure industry and analysed the results. We discovered that 64% had the option to sign up to a mailing list on their website, just under 50% of those actually sent us welcome emails in return.

64% of leisure businesses had the option to sign up to a mailing list. Under 50% of those actually sent us welcome emails in return.

The need for email sign up and welcome emails is important. If used correctly they can educate a potential client about the brand, outline the benefits of being a subscriber, set expectations for the types and frequency of any future email campaigns and allow for a gentle nudge towards a purchase. It is also a good opportunity to encourage subscribers to remove any email automatically labelled as junk from the junk folder. This helps to improve open rate in the long run.

In a survey carried out by a market research team, they noted that 77% of consumers preferred receiving marketing messages through email than any other channel, with email campaigns proving over forty times more effective than social campaigns advertising the same material.

77% of consumers prefer emails over any other marketing channel.

As a specific sector, the leisure industry has a notably higher click through rate than other business sectors according to statistics gathered by the email service provider, Mailchimp. These are all fascinating statistics and beg the question: Why is the leisure industry not unanimously taking advantage of this clear route of marketing?

So what is the next step for companies who are not taking advantage of the full benefit of an outbound email marketing campaign?

The simple solution is to invest the time and money into creating an email campaign. On average, for every 64p spent on email marketing there is a return of £28.52* with 44% of email recipients admitting to making at least one purchase last year based on promotional materials. The simple fact is that it is worth the investment.

*Source: Experian via Salesforce