Mobile apps are taking the world by storm, so why is it still so hard to book a train?

There is a well known problem within the transport industry, and one which is the bane of many a traveller. It is a problem to have caused many missed trains, copious amounts of lost money for the customer, and irked people world wide for the past ten years.

How come train booking apps are so poorly optimised?

This problem is reflected across the industry and there is no doubt about it - booking engine apps are severely lacking from a UX perspective. Generically speaking there seems to be a miscommunication between what the customer wants and what the train companies (or booking organisations) want them to need. 

It is a very simple truth that customers who go onto train apps want to know one of two things. These are either (a) what times they can catch a train to their desired location or (b) how they can book tickets. These are the two things train booking apps need to be useful to the customer.

With this in mind it is a wonder why there are so many over complicated train booking apps. They do not need a load of extra features or quirks. Instead they need to be easily accessible, easy to use, and communicate information in a clear and concise way.

How is this achieved?

The above is achieved through a strong user experience. The UX needs to be looked at closely for mobile apps and especially with transport apps such as train booking engines. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that the customer will always be on the move, and this means mobile apps need to be incredibly well designed to make sure they are functional when time and physical constraints are placed upon the user.

What this means is apps have to be easy to navigate and quick to load with over 77% of customers expecting apps to load faster than websites. It is a huge pain point for a customer - not being able to because the app is either still loading or mid crash. This is why responsiveness should be prioritised above all else.

Functionality needs to be placed at the forefront of the mind when creating a train booking app. For more information on this please click here.