One of the most important tools for bringing life to your brand in email is imagery and the use of animation has began to show an increase in engagement

Sending out thousands of emails on a weekly basis, you carry the responsibility of ensuring that you are delivering a successful email marketing campaign, so it can be very easy to slip into the pattern of using the same imagery, colours and copy.

Last year I began to slowly see the resurrection of the animated gif appear in my inbox. Naturally curiosity took over and we started to dabble in producing our own thoughtful and eye-catching animations to compliment messages for our own clients.

For those of you who haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, a GIF (in a nutshell) is a series of photos strung together and looped to bring the animation alive, almost like a flipbook. It is also worth noting that not every email client supports the use of GIF’s, outlook being the main offender, so it sadly for outlook users, they will never quite get the same experience and are left with just the static version.


Exclusive gif

A subtle animation we produced for Exclusive Hotels and Venues Christmas campaign.

Grouppc Springaction 18032014

We experimented with 3D GIFs for the TeamSport Go Karting brand and saw a 250% increase in CTR

Whilst I am biased and enjoy seeing animation appear in email, I have seen they also have a huge presence on the web and in social media. Take Buzzfeed for example, we’ve all taken a cheeky five minutes away from our work to read a post dedicated to ‘28 thoughts Beyonce has everyday’ or you must have felt compelled to respond to a personal email with a witty reply only to find yourself with a high-five animation in response to something ‘awesome’. There is quite literally an animation for every situation.

So what is it about these animations that keeps us interested? Is it the humour, the artistic element, the interaction or just simply the latest trend?

In an age where it can be tough enough to capture the attention of someone for longer than a minute, we now have the power to make people want to engage on a different level.


Source- Ted Baker